K-Method ::: Price Formula Design, Implementation

LR Health & Beauty Systems is a producer of cosmetic and health care products based in Ahlen, Germany. Its products are distributed in ca. 30 countries via direct sales.


Project sponsor:  Thomas Kircher, Geschäftsführer Supply Chain

Client contact:  Hans-Peter Schmitz, Roland Balzer

Categories:  Labels, Tubes

Project completion: 2012

Savings:  Price on Price: 23%,  Purchasing Process: 25%




K-Method ::: Price Formula Design, Implementation

Beiersdorf is a global producer of personal care and beauty products with brands like Nivea and Eucerin.


Project sponsor:  Timo Seidel, Global Head of Packaging   Procurement

Client contact:  Nils Krüger

Category: Labels

Project completion: 2018  (major supplier)

Savings:  not disclosed